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Planning to be away from the house for an extended time this summer?

Take these steps to make sure your home stays in good shape. 

  • Unplug TV cable and stereo equipment.
  • Cover furniture with dust covers.
  • Do not put bleach tablets in the toilet tank.
  • Turn off water valves to washer.
  • Unplug hot water heater.
  • Remove all perishable food from refrigerator.
  • Clean oven so that no spilled food particles can attract pests.
  • Clean outdoor grill.
  • Leave ceiling fans on low to promote air circulation.
  • Close most, but not all, hurricane shutters. Leave a few open to allow sunlight into the home which will prevent mildew growth.
  • Turn on security system.

And leave the rest to Beach House Management, our team  will make sure your home is cared for and watched over until you return.